Being a mom is hard….

Hello lovelies

Motherhood is the most rewarding and the hardest job ever. We all try to be the most perfect mother’s out there but no one is perfect.

Moms are the heads of families without moms nothing would get done. My mom is my best friend. We have a good relationship and I hope my daughter and I have the same relationship.

I try so hard to be her mother and be someone she can come to with all her problems. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love my daughter she has made me a better person.

As a mother struggling with aniexty and depression everyday I try to make it through the day for her. Us mother’s would do anything for our kids even through its killing us inside. Our beautiful blessings are the reasons we push to do better to care and love no matter what.

A lot of times we may doubt ourselves that we are failing as moms or that we are messing up our kids. I know I have doubted if I’m being the best I can. We as mother’s should judge each other less and stand together. Be there for each other because we are all going through the same feelings.

We are tired, stressed and just beat from doing all we can or need to do to make sure the people we love have everything they need. We put everyone before ourselves but sometimes to be an awesome mom we need to unplug. We need to have some time to ourselves.

Grab your friends or yourself and have some you time to unwind. Do something for yourself because being a mom is hard. I know that without some of my friends in my life I couldn’t do it. Us moms need to help each other when we are in need. If you need a nap because you haven’t slept in days I will be there to watch the kids so you can nap.

We need to pamper ourselves, get your nails done or do your hair. Maybe take a nice hot bath with a good book. Have a glass of wine and just unwind. I love being a mother but somedays I need to be by myself and do something for me. Don’t feel like your being selfish because you beautiful women are not. You need to think of your mental health to be that awesome mom you are.

Motherhood is the hardest job ever don’t let anyone tell you different.

Until next time..xoxo

Simply Jenny

Hello BeautyπŸ™‹

Hello lovelies

Let’s talk about beauty because everyone looks at beauty differently. Some believe you can only be beautiful if you have make up done and their hair looking amazing. Some believe beauty is from the inside not the outside.

Well what I think is beauty is how you see it. I believe if you see yourself as a beautiful person then that should be all that matters. We all think beauty is what society makes you believe.

Society makes people believe you have to be tall, skinny and model like to be beautiful but beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I think beauty is from within yourself, you have to truely love yourself and be confident in who you are. No one is perfect but the flaws we have make us who we are.

Some people are beautiful for their mind or their hearts not what they look like. Some of the most beautiful people could have the worst personality which makes them not so beautiful.

I’ve always taught my daughter that beauty is what you feel not what others see. We as woman need to lift each other up not put each other down. Stand together as woman in all shapes, all sizes and all races to show that no matter who you are or what you look like you are beautiful.

We all try to be something we are not because that’s what people want us to be. But one thing I’ve grown to learn that being yourself is beautiful. Being unique and weird is better then trying to be someone your not. Just be yourself. Believe it or not my beautiful 8 year old daughter taught me that being different doesn’t make you ugly.

I found a quote from coco chanel that I thought was something people should see and live by.

” Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” -Coco Chanel

Just be yourself and don’t worry what other people think or say about you.

Thats all for now my beautiful people stand tall and be beautiful.

Until next time ….

Xox Simply Jenny xox

Happy Mother’s Day πŸŒ·πŸ’

Heyy lovely readers today is mother’s day and I’d love to wish all this wonderful hardworking mother’s out there an amazing day!

As a mom myself I know that how hard it is some days to be a mom and how tiring motherhood could be. But as hard and tiring it can be, it is the most rewarding job you could ever have. I would never change being a mom for anything. My daughter is the light of my life, she is the reason I get up every morning and fight through my aniexty/depression. Everyone asks me what is your greatest accomplishment well mine is being a mother to the most beautiful little girl ever!

I believe that mother’s sometimes don’t get credit they deserve. Without mother’s I don’t believe that life would run as smoothly as it does. A mother has the most unconditional love ever. No matter what your do or say we will always love you.

When I was born I was 1month early and only weighed 2lbs. My mom was strong and took amazing care of me. She had stayed home with me up until I was 5 or 6 and never left my side. She has always done what she feels was best for me and my two brothers no matter how much we hated or loved it. Growing up we didn’t always have the newest toys or the most money but my parents never left us without anything.

Growing up I gave my mom and dad a lot of headache as a teen. But no matter how mad I made them or how much I made my beautiful mother cry she never gave up on me. Now that I am a mother myself I understand why they would do or say things I hated. It was all to protect me and make me a better person. Mother’s put up with so much that would couldn’t imagine.

I grew up with both mom and dad but I have soo much respect for the single parents out there. Single parents give meaning to parenthood. They raise their kid or children all by themselves without help. So a special happy mother’s day to you beautiful people.

So I would love to wish all of you beautiful ladies a Happy Mother’s Day 🌷 I would also like to wish those single dad’s who are both dad and mom an amazing day too.

Until next time…bye

XoX Simply Jenny XoX

Make up days!!

Heyy my fellow readers!! Hope your having a wonderful day so far! My day has been alright except it is very gloomy here in Canada, lots of rain lately. I would like to talk about light make up days!!

I like light make up days because it doesn’t take very long and your giving your skin a little bit of a break but still looking good. Sometimes my face needs a nice break from wearing make up all the time but I want to look nice still.

So here is some of the things I do on my light make up days.

I wash my face like normal and put on cream to make my face nice and soft. Then I will put on a light eye shadow or even just a shimmer to give a little sparkle for the day. Once I have done that, I put in either a black liner on the lid or a coloured liner. Then some mascara and waterline eyeliner. After I’m done my eyes I will put a little powder on my face. For my lips I’d either just wear a nice Chapstick or a gloss to give a shine.

That’s it for my light make up days no foundation or blush or highlighter. It may sound pretty plain but sometimes I need a break from putting on so much on my face and it also is quicker to get ready in the morning. (Especially as a mom)

Let me know what you lovely ladies do for your light make up days, I would love to hear itπŸ’™

Well until next time.. bye loves!

XoX Simply Jenny XoX

Loving These Products !!πŸ’‹πŸ’„

Hey lovely readers! I hope you lovely people are having a good day/night!! I would love to share with you some of the products I have been loving lately!!😍

First product I am going to start with is the Too Faced Hangover primer.

I have been using this hangover primer for maybe a month now and I really love it!! It is very moisturizing on my skin and feel great. I like the smell too. I recommend trying this product if you are looking for a good primer!! Let me know if you have tried it and what you have thought!

Product number two is another primer that I use to switch it up is Tarte Base Tape.

I loveeee this product so much, on top of being amazing it also smells sooooo amazing. It makes your face feel really nice and hydrating. It also held my foundation in place which I really loved. I truly and honestly recommend this amazing product. If you have tried it please let me know your thoughts on it. Did you love it or hated it?

On to the third product I have been using and love, it is the pur festival palette.

Look at those colours!!!! You can do a nice neutral day look, a fun funky look or an extra night look! The colours are so beautiful and creamy.. I have been using this pallet all the time since I got it last month. I love it, I have done a few different kind of looks with it. The colours are very pigmented which is really good. I recommend you trying this pallet and tell me what you think.

The fourth product is another pallet, it is the Too Faced Tickled Peach.

This pallet is cute and has some really nice colours in it. The eye shadows are so creamy and shimmery I love them. I’ve used this pallet a few times and gotten some great looks out it. The other awesome thing about this pallet it smells so good which is a plus for me!! You can also throw this pallet in your bag and take it with you if you are traveling. The case is metal which will protect it in your travel bag. I recommend you lovely people to try it out and if you have tell me what you think.

The fifth product is my favour blush I have ever used and it is the Tarte Amazonian Clay blush.

This amazing blush is so creamy and gives you the perfect amount of colour on your cheeks. It also last you so long, I have had mine for months and it doesn’t even look like I made a dent in it. They have a lot of different shades in this awesome blush. I recommend you getting yourself this blush and if you do please tell me if you love it as much as I do!!

The sixth I have been using and loving is the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray.

Now I know a lot of people love this setting spray and that is why I just had to try it. It was worth every penny I spent on it. The spray smells so good and doesn’t leave those drops on your face which is a plus. You really only need one or two sprays on your face. I used it and my make up honestly didn’t move at all which is amazing.. I loved it and I know you will too! I really recommend you trying this and let me know what you feel.

The seventh and last product I’ve been using that I love is the Chapstick hydration 3in1 lip balm.

I don’t know about you but my lips have been so dry lately that this lip balm has been a life saver. I use it in the mornings and right before bed. It says total hydration it means toal hydration! It is so creamy on your lips, you can also put it on then put a matte lipstick to keep your lips soft. It also last a long time on your lips. I recommend you buy it and try it. Let me know what you feel about it and if you suffer from dry lips like me.

There are some of the products I’ve been loving lately, I hope you love some of these products too!!! I would love to know your thoughts and opinions about some you love and tried. Even some products you recommend I should try.

Until next time…bye

XoX Simply Jennie XoX

Let’s talk skin care!! πŸ§΄πŸ§Ό

Hey my lovely reader hope you are having an awesome day/night. I would love to talk to you about my skin care routine and I would love to here some of your favourite products you use.

First product I use in the morning is Tarte rainforest of the sea deep dive cleansing gel.

I have been using it for a few months now and I love it. I find it makes my face very soft and feels amazing after I use it. It give you a a nice refreshing feeling and wakes you right up. Smells pretty good also!! I use to use the cream that went with the wash but I finished it and haven’t gotten another one. I recommend trying this face wash for your morning wash. It is not to pricey (16.99 for 1.7oz) try it out and let me know how you like it or if you don’t like it.

After I wash my face I put nivea urban skin defence.

I have been using this cream for a month now and it feels really nice and hydrating for your face all day. It has an amazing smell so fresh and light. The plus about this cream it also has SPF 20 and if your someone like me who doesn’t like wearing sunscreen you will like this. The cream is not thick and heavy on your face, you only need a tiny bit because it goes a long way. It was ($8 for 50ml) which I think is a great price. I also recommend this product if you want a nice lightweight cream for the day. Let me know if you have tried and loved or hated it.

I use those two products in the morning, it is a quick and easy morning routine. I wake up wash my face and cream my face and take my daughter to school. When your busy in the morning and have kids these two products would be amazing for you.

Now let me tell you about the two products I use before bed that I have been loving!! I got these two products for free on my birthday as a gift from Sephora. Full size of these products are more pricey then my morning wash and cream but these two products are worth the price!!

Number one is the drunk elephant beste No9 jelly cleanser.

This cleanser is the best I have ever used. I absolutely love it!! It is so gentle on your akin, I even use it around my eyes and sometimes on my eyelids. It doesn’t have scent and foams up amazingly. I have not one thing bad to say about this cleanser. I truely and honestly recommend you try this product. For a full size bottle it is $40 5oz at Sephora. If you get a chance to try this cleanser let me know if you loved it or hated it.

The cream that I use is also from drunk elephant called protini polypeptide cream.

This cream makes my face feel so soft I want to touch it all the time. It feels so amazing and also doesn’t have a scent which I like because I do have sensitive skin. This product is not cheap but my mom use to always tell me if something you love or works then the price shouldn’t matter. For the full size product is $84.00 1.69fl oz and you can buy that at Sephora. Please if you ever get your hands on this cream let me know what you feel about it.

Now before I fall asleep after I wash my face and cream it I put on the new Chapstick hydration 3in1 coconut scent to keep my lips from getting dry. I also love that lip balm it’s pretty nice feeling on your lips. Try it!!

So these are some of the products I use and love to keep my face clean and moisturized for the day and night. Let me know some of the products you use or tried that you live for. Also products you didn’t like, I would love to hear them!!

Until next time…bye

XoX Simply Jenny XoX

Boxycharm Review!!

Hello my fellow readers sorry it has been so long since my last post but I have been sick on and off. I am better now and I would love to give you my reviews on boxycharm!

For those of you who haven’t heard about boxycharm it is a $21 subscription box ($35 if you live in Canada). You get 5 full size beauty items that sometimes retail to over $100 worth of products.

I have been getting boxycharm for about 2months going on 3, so far I love it! I have gotten some brands I haven’t heard of before and some brands I wanted to try but couldn’t afford. You do a quick beauty test so they can choose items that would match your skin and items that they think you would like. Usually some items everyone gets and then 2 different items. Boxycharm so far has been my favourite subscription other then Ipsy.

If you can afford to get boxycharm I truely and honestly recommend giving it a try. They also offer boxyluxe which you get all the items they are offering which is also pretty cool. I believe it is worth they price you pay for it even if your like me who lives in Canada and has to pay $35 still worth it.

I can go into Sephora and buy 3 items and spend $100 so with boxycharm you are getting 5 full size products for either $21usd or $35cdn

So give it a try and I would love to hear all your thoughts and opinions on how you feel about boxycharm. If you loved or hated it

Until next time…Bye Loves

XoX Simply Jenny XoX